How to clean the condenser and evaporator of an air conditioner


At present, most people clean the Water Cooled Evaporat […]

At present, most people clean the Water Cooled Evaporator only on cleaning the filter and the shell. In fact, most of the bacteria are hidden deep in the fins of the air conditioner evaporator and condenser. Because the fins of the evaporator in the air conditioner are often in a wet state, it is easy to breed algae, accumulate dirt, block the drain pipe and the evaporator fin, and cause the air conditioner to increase power consumption and failure rate.


Water Cooled Evaporator
1. Before cleaning the air conditioner, turn on the air conditioner for 15 minutes, so that the air conditioner can start cooling and at the same time make the air conditioner evaporator produce condensed water.
2. Turn off the air conditioner and cut off the power supply to ensure the absolute safety of the cleaning operation.
3. Press the recessed parts on both sides of the air conditioner by hand, and open the shell of the air conditioner.
4. Remove the dust filter and clean it with tap water. If there is a lot of dirt, you can also spray the dust filter with air conditioning foam cleaner and dry it with a soft cloth.
5. If there is heavy dust and dirt on the evaporator fins, first use a soft brush to remove it.
6. Take out the small tube attached to the detergent bottle, insert it into the nozzle, and spray it evenly on the surface of the aluminum heat transfer sheet on the fin of the evaporator from left to right to ensure that the cleaning foam completely covers the surface of the evaporator.
7. After about 15 minutes, the foam cleaner completely permeates the reaction and fully dissolves the stubborn dirt on the fins of the air conditioner evaporator.
8. Reinstall the dust filter and cover the air conditioner shell, and then gently wipe the air conditioner panel with a soft cloth dipped in warm water.
9. Turn on the air conditioner, and adjust the air volume and cooling capacity to the maximum. Keep the air conditioner on for 10 to 20 minutes to allow sewage to drain from the drain. In order to avoid some foam and dirt from the air outlet, cover the air outlet with a towel.