How to realize the circulating cooling of printing equipment?


In the printing industry, chillers also have many appli […]

In the printing industry, chillers also have many applications, such as the circulating refrigeration system of the printing press, which is an important component of the printing dampening system, which is crucial to the performance of the equipment, the ink balance of the printing press and even the quality of the printed matter.

As for the temperature control of the circulating cooling water tank, Semi-Hermetic Compressor a stable and efficient refrigeration unit is naturally indispensable, which can not only reduce the labor intensity of the workers, but also improve the printing quality.

The temperature of the water tank must be strictly controlled between 8 degrees and 12 degrees. This temperature range is more suitable for printing production and can keep the equipment stable.

The compressor adopts an international brand compressor with a refrigeration capacity of 223,600 kcal. The temperature can be adjusted from 7 degrees to 30 degrees. The program controller adopts PLC control, intelligent operation interface (including 485 interface), and the water pump adopts Taiwan Yuanli water pump.

The screw chiller system has complete protection measures, such as frequent compressor start and stop, high and low pressure alarm, oil pressure alarm, dripping water temperature alarm operation processing; with rich man-machine exchange function, intuitive display of refrigerant system and cooling system import and export Temperature, compressor operating status. Accurately control the return temperature of the chilled water, and the response speed is fast. It has better throttling control technology, which can effectively prevent abnormal overheating of the evaporator and ensure that it works within a reasonable range of overheating.