Industrial chillers have been running for a long time, and the cooling efficiency has fallen. What is the reason?


Industrial chillers have been running for a long time, […]

Industrial chillers have been running for a long time, and the cooling efficiency has fallen. What is the reason?

In industrial production, the cooling efficiency of the chiller will decrease after running for a long time or working for a certain number of years. What is the reason? In terms of electronic equipment, many people complain about daily necessities Screw-Type Condensing Unit such as mobile phones and computers when they use them in their lives. They are easy to use when they haven't bought them for months.

This is a normal phenomenon. First, the component itself will be worn out due to use, and second, it is caused by improper operation. The same is true for industrial water cooling equipment. The following Kadley chiller will take you to analyze the reasons for the decline in refrigeration efficiency, and combine its own experience in the refrigeration industry to make some suggestions to improve production efficiency.

Reason 1: Human operation error. Although the cooling equipment of most water plants will not encounter too much trouble during use, generally speaking, some basic daily operations are easy to be ignored in long-term use. It may also be because the user is a first-time operator and has no experience in using the equipment.

Therefore, the refrigeration equipment operator must undergo professional skills training before getting on the machine, and should be allowed to get on the machine after passing the exam.

Reason 2: The ambient temperature changes too much. The operating factors that need to be paid attention to at different temperatures of the refrigeration unit, such as the temperature of the cooling water, will be different. Generally speaking, the chiller factory has an air conditioning exhaust system to cool the surrounding air, so that the refrigeration equipment is in a constant temperature environment. But if there is a problem with the device that controls the ambient temperature, it will eventually cause problems in work efficiency.

Therefore, for factories that use air conditioning exhaust systems to cool the working environment of the chiller, special attention should be paid to the inspection and adjustment of the environmental refrigeration system to keep the chiller in a comfortable environment.

Reason 3: It is difficult for the equipment to correctly match the load during operation. Because factories are rushing to work schedules, they often overload the equipment during the production process. Under normal circumstances, the load operation rate of the refrigeration equipment is best to be 80%, so that the maximum efficiency can be achieved, but the actual production process is often very difficult. If it is difficult to achieve this, the product will naturally have to be inefficient.

The solution is to formulate a reasonable load operation plan based on the annual load situation of the plant's equipment refrigeration, and avoid frequent overload operation.

Reason 4: The loss and fouling of important equipment components, that is, the equipment runs inefficiently due to improper maintenance. For example, when the condenser is seriously fouled in a refrigeration unit, it will affect the heat exchange effect and cause the overall operating efficiency of the equipment to be low. In addition to the condensor, which is easy to foul components, such as the serious wear of the transmission mechanism, that is, in the long-term use process, it will cause the wear of some important mechanical parts such as the centrifuge impeller, transmission mechanism, high and low speed bearings, etc. In turn, it is easy to cause low equipment operation efficiency.

The solution is to regularly maintain key pipelines and components, inspect and clean condensers, evaporators, filter driers, etc., clean easily fouling pipelines, and keep cooler fan covers free of debris, etc.