Is the heat pump water heater a solar product


Is the heat pump water heater a solar product? Broadly […]

Is the heat pump water heater a solar product?

Broadly speaking, yes, but heat pump units are essentially different from conventional Heat Pump Unit solar products, which are mainly reflected in the different working principles: conventional solar products must rely on direct sunlight or radiation to achieve heating effects, while heat pumps The unit mainly absorbs the heat energy in the environment to achieve the heating effect.

What principle does the heat pump unit use to collect heat?

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The heat pump unit is equipped with a special heat-absorbing medium—refrigerant. When it is liquefied, it is lower than minus 20℃, and there is a temperature difference with the outside temperature. Therefore, the refrigerant can absorb external heat energy and evaporate inside the evaporator. Increase the temperature of the refrigerant through the work of the compressor in the heat pump unit, and then convert the refrigerant from the vaporized state to the liquefied state through the condenser. During the conversion process, a large amount of heat is released and transferred to the reserve water in the water tank to increase the water temperature. High, to achieve the purpose of making hot water, this is the uniqueness of the product and the reason for the market potential.