What are the common faults of CT machine chillers? How to deal with it?


Water chiller is an indispensable temperature control e […]

Water chiller is an indispensable temperature control equipment for industrial production. Also in the medical industry, it also has a wide range of applications, such as nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, CT machine and other equipment. The following editor of Kadley chiller will share the application with friends in the industry. Common faults encountered in the chiller equipment of the CT machine.

First of all, once the temperature control of the CT machine is abnormal, the working heat of the bulb will not be discharged, which will affect the use. Generally, the chiller is used for the temperature control of the bulb oil circulation.

Common failure phenomena are:

1. The circulating pump works abnormally

Cold circulation pumps mostly provide power for three-phase motors. When one of the fuses fails, it will cause the motor to work abnormally. In most cases, the water pump cannot be started and the oil temperature of the bulb rises. When the water pump is running, it will also cause abnormal vibration of the chiller and increased noise.

Therefore, once a failure occurs, it must be shut down for inspection immediately.

The solution is to check whether the voltage is missing phase, find the melted and damaged fuse, and replace the parts again.

2. The condenser cooling fan does not rotate

If the cooling fan cannot operate normally, the heat generated by the chiller itself cannot be discharged, the pressure in the system must rise, the compressor load will increase, and the noise will increase. This is a malfunction phenomenon. If facing the condenser, there is no heat flow or touch the condenser to feel a significant temperature increase.

The main reason is the fan failure. Then the fan must be tested and repaired. If it cannot be resolved immediately, it will affect the use of the host. The following methods can be used.

As a treatment method, the fan to be repaired can be removed, and the electric fan can be used to blow and dissipate heat from the condenser of the chiller to quickly resume the unit. If it still does not work, shut down for inspection and inform a professional chiller to troubleshoot technical problems.

The above is the failure phenomenon of the chiller that is prone to occur in the operation of the CT machine, especially in the hot summer, the high ambient temperature and the heavy load of the chiller may easily cause the chiller to malfunction.