What are the water quality requirements for water-cooled condensers,


What are the water quality requirements for Water Coole […]

What are the water quality requirements for Water Cooled Condenser, and what measures need to be taken to control them? Cold dryers are widely used in various industries. Due to the complex working conditions they face, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention of details to prevent negative factors from affecting the operation ability.

Water Cooled Condenser

In the case of poor water quality, it is easy to produce scale, which increases the difficulty of treatment. Because, if it is not eliminated in time, the cooling effect will be reduced and the components will be damaged. Use early detection and prevention to reduce the economic cost of use as much as possible. The water temperature must not exceed the specified limit, and the pressure is also a prerequisite for smooth flow. The content of calcium and magnesium plasma is very important, and whether it contains solid impurities, it must be filtered out in advance.

Regionally differentiated treatment, the water-cooled condenser's requirements for water quality are more detailed and accurate to each condition, so that the overall production meets the application. Compared with the air-cooled type, the current cooling effect is better, but it is a waste of water resources, especially in arid areas. Use good methods to improve the medium, so that the negative interference to the unit is eliminated.