What is the application of chillers in the textile industry?


When applied in the textile industry, Kadley chillers a […]

When applied in the textile industry, Kadley chillers also have many partners. Today, Kadley chillers shared a case in the textile machinery industry with friends, hoping to help industry partners choose the type of chiller.

Undoubtedly, my country is already one of the world's largest textile machinery manufacturing countries, with a dazzling array of products and equipment, complete categories, and more than one-third of the world's output, and the gap with advanced products such as Europe and Japan is narrowing.

Naturally good products are inseparable from Chiller high-quality equipment configuration. Water chillers are used in the textile industry to cool, cool, and shape coating machines, calenders, printing machines and other equipment.

The following focuses on the characteristics and performance of low-temperature screw chillers.

Features and performance:

1. The high-quality compressor has low noise, power saving and durability. Built-in protection is ultra-high energy efficiency.

2. The evaporator and condenser made of high-quality materials can save more than 30%.

3. The electrical part adopts the original products of international brands to ensure the stable operation of the machine and a long service life.

4. Imported high-precision dual-channel digital display power-saving temperature control meter, which can control the water temperature within ± 0.1 ℃

5. Two or more sets of compressors can be used individually or together

6. Perfect protection and fault display processing system.

7. Microcomputer touch control, easy to understand (optional).

8. The copper pipe adopts oxygen-free welding method.

9. Shell and tube condenser and evaporator, with internal threaded copper tube, reasonable design, good heat exchange effect; the heat dissipation and exhaust air of the air-cooled unit is composed of warped fins and rows of copper tubes, and the secondary flanging is used during manufacturing. Sheet mechanical tube expansion technology and advanced heat exchanger production line ensure high quality.