What is the difference between a refrigeration unit and a heat pump unit


1. The subject is different 1. Refrigeration unit bai: […]

1. The subject is different

1. Refrigeration unit bai: the du host in the refrigeration device. The increase of refrigerant vapor from low pressure to high pressure, and the continuous flow and transportation of vapor dao are all done by the work of refrigeration compressors.

2. Heat pump unit: It is a high-efficiency energy-saving device that makes full use of low-grade heat energy.

Two, the characteristics are different

Dry heat pump unit

1. Refrigeration unit: By increasing the pressure, the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant vapor is compressed into high-temperature and high-pressure superheated vapor, creating conditions for condensation at high temperatures (such as around 35°C in summer).

2. Heat pump unit: a mechanical device that forces heat to flow from a low-temperature body to a high-temperature body through reverse circulation. With only a small amount of reverse circulation net work, a large amount of heat supply can be obtained, and low-grade heat energy that is difficult to use can be effectively used. To achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Three, the composition is different

1. Refrigeration unit: It is mainly composed of four parts: refrigeration compressor, condenser, cooling fan, solenoid valve, oil separator, liquid storage tank, oil mirror and diaphragm manual valve filter.

2. Heat pump unit: mainly composed of compressor, heat exchanger, axial flow fan, heat preservation water tank, water pump, liquid storage tank, filter, electronic expansion valve, electronic automatic controller, etc.