A heat exchanger for steam condensing into steam, also known as a rehydrator. The condenser is mainly used in the steam turbine power plant, and is divided into two types: a water condenser and an air condenser. In addition to condensing the exhaust of the steam turbine into water for reuse by the boiler, the condenser can also establish a vacuum and maintain a vacuum at the steam exhaust of the turbine. Condensing steam turbines are typical turbines widely used in modern thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. Condensing equipment is an important part of steam turbine installations. Its design, manufacture and operation quality directly affect the economics and safety of steam turbine installations.

The rubber expansion joint is a rubber shock absorber and a rubber soft joint. The terminology is called a flexible rubber joint. Its function is to connect it to the middle of the pipe, which can effectively protect the normality of the pipe when the pipe is expanded or compressed. Condenser working principle: Condenser: The steam discharged after driving the steam turbine becomes condensed water; after completing an expansion process in the machine, the volume of steam exhaust is urgent during the condensation process. The working principle of the surface condenser: the condenser is equipped with a large number of copper tubes; the heat exchange device that drives the steam discharged from the steam turbine to become condensed water. After the steam completes an expansion process in the steam turbine, during the condensation process, the volume of the exhaust steam is sharply reduced, and the space originally filled with steam forms a high vacuum. The condensed water is sent to the boiler through the condensate pump through the feed water heater, the feed water pump, etc., thereby ensuring the continuous progress of the entire heat cycle. In order to prevent pipeline corrosion caused by an increase in oxygen content in the condensed water, a vacuum deaerator is also provided in the condenser of the modern large-capacity steam turbine. The main function of the condenser: 1) causing a higher vacuum in the steam exhaust port of the steam turbine to make the steam in the steam turbine; 2) condensing the steam discharged from the low pressure cylinder of the steam turbine into water and returning it again; 3) collecting various hydrophobicities, Reduce the loss of steam and water; 4) Condenser is also used to increase the demineralized water (normal hydration). The material of the condenser is generally carbon steel, stainless steel and copper. When the carbon steel tube is used as a condenser, Corrosion leaks often occur in the welds of the tube sheets and the tubes, and leakage of the substances into the cooling water system may cause environmental pollution and waste of materials.