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China Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers,Chillers Suppliers


We have a variety of condenser,Refrigeration Equipment,evaporator production mold, heat transfer from 0.36 to 263.5 kw...


our company is located in shengzhou west high-speed export, and is very close to Ningbo Beilun port...

Production Capacity

Air cooler daily production of 100 units Semi - closed piston refrigeration compressor 500 - 700 units per month
Small condenser, evaporator 2000 sets per day...

Process and Quality

We have our own testing lab and has a high quality inspection center to detect the performance index...


We focus on developing high-quality Chillers for top-end markets.Our product..

Wide range of products

Application areas

In order to improve corporate image, intensify publication to create a good environment for the running and development of our company and show the scale and strength of our company, bettering the external image of our company..

General situation

Honesty is the basis, win-win through cooperation

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Application areas

The products of BEIFENG

Complete variety,many advanced equipments as follows.

New product series

Intelligent cooling and heating integral machine、Intelligent integrated cooling and heating unit、Supermarket and C-store condensing unit、Danfoss full configuration condensing unit

Compressor and Condensing Unit series:

Semi-hermetic compressor;Air-cooled、water- cooled condensing unit;Industrial chiller、Cabinet type unit、Outdoor type condensing unit、Multi-machine parallel unit、 Danfoss and Tecumseh condensing unit,Plug-in type kitchen freezer unit

Condenser series

Air-cooled、Water-cooled and evaporation type condenser,CO2 condenser

Evaporator series

NP series air cooler、High、Medium、low temp Fin type evaporator、Shell and tube type、sea water evaporator,CO2 evaporator

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