In industrial air conditioning refrigeration systems, evaporators, condensers, compressors and throttle valves are four essential components in refrigeration systems. During the refrigeration cycle, high temperature and high pressure refrigerants are directed to the cooling medium (water or air) in the condenser. ) Exothermic, condensed into a high-pressure liquid, throttling through a throttle valve to a low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant, obviously the design of the condenser is crucial in the overall system design. Let's talk about the direct-expansion industrial air conditioner. How to choose an air-cooled condenser.

Air-cooled condenser selection calculation mainly refers to the specification parameters of the carrier room and the size of the selected refrigeration unit. The condenser model needs to be calculated according to the engineering experience in addition to the sample selection provided by the condenser manufacturer. The following are the Shanghai public. The technicians of Industrial Co., Ltd. sorted the experience of condenser calculation and gave them a reference for the majority of users.

Industrial air conditioning is a systematic solution. In addition to important accessories such as condensers and compressors, there are thousands of small devices, large and small. The choice of these devices is also extremely important. We are all amazed at the spirit of German craftsmanship. The essence of each is that every detail is carefully crafted. Every place is treated with seriousness and dedication. Slow work and fine work have made it an example in industrial history.