In summer, the compressor's exhaust temperature is relatively high and the hand cannot touch it. According to national standards, the exhaust temperature of the R22 refrigeration system should not exceed 150 degrees Celsius. Exceeding this temperature line is an abnormal condition. The reason why the exhaust gas temperature is too high is that the suction temperature of the compressor is extremely high, or the condensing temperature is too high, and attention must be paid. Exhaust gas temperature is too low, the hand touches the exhaust pipe is not hot, which indicates that the inhalation temperature is extremely low, Semi-Hermetic Compressors the compressor may be wet running or the system working condition is relatively small. The wet stroke of the compressor easily damages the valve structure; the operation of the refrigerant is extremely small, which will affect the heat dissipation of the winding of the motor and accelerate the aging of the insulating material.

The temperature field of the outer casing of the fully enclosed reciprocating piston compressor can be divided into two parts: a. The upper casing is affected by the suction vapor, the temperature is relatively low, and it is in the range of slightly hot or slightly cool, estimated to be around 30 degrees Celsius, inhaling There is the possibility of condensation on the surface of the local casing around the tube. B. The heat generated by the motor in the lower casing and the frictional heat carried by the frozen oil are mainly taken out of the casing by the steam.

The surface temperature of the casing exceeds the normal range, mainly because the intake temperature of the refrigeration system is too high (above 15 degrees Celsius). Excessive heat vapor enters the compressor and absorbs heat from the casing, causing the temperature of the vapor to rise higher, thereby raising the temperature of the casing. The temperature of the superheated vapor rises very high, and the temperature of the casing rises too high, which is unfavorable for the cooling of the oil, which affects the lubrication of the moving parts, accelerates the wear, and causes the bearing to hold the shaft (biting). It also causes the exhaust gas temperature to rise.

The surface temperature of the casing is below the normal range because the suction temperature is too low (less than 15 degrees Celsius). It is good for cooling both the refrigeration oil and the motor windings, but the cooling capacity is reduced. When the inhalation temperature is extremely low, most of the casing will be dew condensation, and there is a danger of liquid hammer. This is a fatal blow to the compressor and should be paid special attention. At the same time, a large amount of refrigerant is dissolved in the frozen oil, which is not conducive to the lubrication of moving parts.