Heat pump unit noise refers to the irregular, intermittent, continuous or random noise generated by the heat pump unit during operation. The heat pump noise is different from industrial noise and traffic noise (high frequency noise), and it belongs to low frequency noise. The characteristics are slow decay, long sound wave and strong penetrating power, so the heat pump unit reduces noise and is difficult to handle.

Roof heat pump unit noise control project: Most of the bathing centers use a central hot water system, and the roof air source heat pump unit operates 24 hours a day to generate noise and affect the daily life of the surrounding residents. After the noise reduction process, the Hanks technicians reduced the nighttime noise measurement from 55dB to less than 35dB (almost no heat pump unit noise). The following treatment methods are summarized for your reference.
Heat pump unit noise reduction completion map

The noise reduction problem of heat pump unit is mainly from three aspects: air sound, equipment vibration and pipeline vibration.

1. Airborne noise reduction requires special treatment for sound insulation. If the pump set is separated from the owner by only one floor, the common method is to add sound insulation cover and noise elimination equipment.

2, system vibration isolation, generally installed in the bottom of the pump body metal damping material shock absorber. (The natural frequency and load-bearing capacity of the damper are designed according to the field data analysis)

3. Pipeline vibration reduction, the connection between the general pipe and the ground is hard connection, which causes the pipe vibration to pass directly to the building structure, and the elastic support is installed under the pipe, which can better prevent the vibration energy from propagating to the building structure.

When the heat pump noise is used for construction, it is necessary to consider the influence of outdoor extreme weather. The noise reduction equipment should try to reduce the noise, wind pressure and anti-corrosion effect.