3 reasons why the cooling water of the chiller does not circulate, how long to replace it?
Industrial chillers are widely used in industrial production and testing and testing industries, and their maintenance is also a daily task. The editor will introduce to industry friends, common problems and replacement precautions for cooling water systems. The most common problems with cooling water systems are insufficient cooling water flow, poor water quality and poor water flow.
The possible reasons why the cooling water of the industrial chiller does not circulate: 1. The water level of the water tank is lower than the water inlet of the water pump. The solution is to add cooling water to the specified water level in the water tank, check whether the water tank is leaking and repair it. 2. The pipeline from the industrial chiller pump to the water outlet is blocked. The solution is to observe whether the cooling water pump vibrates when it is working, whether there is abnormal noise, etc., which affects the water flow, repair the water pump or replace it.
3, accessories or line failure. The solution is to check whether there is output voltage at the output end of the switching power supply, etc. If the accessories or circuit failures cause the industrial cooling pump to have no power supply or the power supply circuit is disconnected, the above are several reasons why the cooling water of the chiller does not circulate, and the cooling water is often The non-circulation is caused by many environmental factors and human factors. The following factors are often encountered in the process of maintaining the chiller. I hope that friends in the industry can pay attention to avoid delays in production. The number of cooling circulating water replacements is an important factor affecting the cooling water circulation, and secondly, there are environmental usage conditions and water quality conditions below, the time to replace the cooling water circulation times.
1. The air-cooled chiller should be replaced once every six months to one year in the case of good use environment, such as testing room, laboratory, scientific research institute, no impurities and no pollution.
2. The chiller is used in harsh environments, such as serious pollution, poor environment, and poor water quality. Xiaobian recommends that you replace the water once a month. At the same time, it is recommended that you add an anti-scaling agent to reduce the generation of scale on the water quality and avoid blockage of the cooling water system. . 3. Under normal conditions, the water-cooled chiller can be replaced once every three months. However, pay attention to regularly cleaning the dust filter and the dust of the condenser.
If the manufacturer allows it, it is recommended to use clean tap water, which is conducive to the recycling of the cooling water shield without frequent replacement. The above is the summary of the editor for the industry friends, about several reasons for the poor water circulation of the chiller, as well as the daily maintenance, the time to replace the cooling water, I hope to help you.