An air cooler is a heat exchanger that uses air to cool a hot fluid. It is widely used in manufacturing fields such as engineering construction, machining and production line operations. “In the domestic market, the total demand for the air cooler industry is about 3 billion, of which conventional air coolers account for about 70%, and smart air coolers account for about 30%.

It is understood that the current total demand for the air cooler industry in the domestic market is about 3 billion yuan. Previously, China's intelligent air cooler products all depended on imports. The traditional air cooler has only a cooling function and lacks a safety warning function. Once a leak has not been discovered in time, it is easy to cause a major safety accident.

Based on low life cycle costs and high flexibility, air coolers have become one of the best alternatives to air conditioning. In the future, the increase in environmental awareness will make the air cooler market more attractive. Of course, this will undoubtedly bring more power to global air cooler manufacturers, which will bring more benefits to their entire enterprise product line. Consumers are more willing to buy better evaporatives at budget prices. The air cooler is an important step for the government to promote the growth of all fields and the economy. The evaporative air cooler is in it.