Maintenance tasks and key points of water-cooled screw chillers
According to the actual work arrangement of the department, it is required to focus on preventive maintenance, and carry out three-level maintenance in the normal operation of equipment and daily supply operation (daily/level one: monthly/quarterly, level two: including semi-annual/annual).
1. The maintenance and water quality treatment of the water-cooled screw chiller is the responsibility of a professional company.
2. The air-conditioning system is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and devices belonging to the air-conditioning system, and maintains the equipment according to the maintenance plan of the air-conditioning system.
3. If the on-duty personnel discover system equipment failures during inspection, they should maintain them immediately and report to the system supervisor.
4. When replacing parts during equipment maintenance, detailed records must be made.
5. According to the characteristics of the system equipment, focus on dust removal, lubrication, replacement of aging parts, and tightening of screws.
6. Pay attention to electricity and fire safety. If you need to burn, you must apply for a fire certificate and strictly abide by the regulations on hot work.
7. The principle of system maintenance is not to affect the normal production on site. Sudden failures should be eliminated within 4 hours and reported to superiors within the time limit for timely notification of affected users

Shell And Tube Water-Cooled Condenser

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