Evaporative condenser, also known as evaporative cooling, cooling (condenser), is a device that uses water spray outside the coil to evaporate and absorb the heat of the high-temperature gas refrigerant in the coil, so that the refrigerant in the pipe is gradually cooled from gas to liquid. .
Evaporative condenser is a cold storage cooling heat exchange device composed of cold condensing coils, heat exchange fins, boxes and other components.
Refrigeration evaporative condenser is composed of special axial flow fan, nozzle, electronic descaling device, air bag, polyvinyl chloride heat exchanger, high-efficiency dehydrator, cooling pipe group, packing water tank, pump, water collector, box and other components .
Evaporative condensers are the main heat exchange equipment in refrigeration systems. Its working principle is: the superheated high-pressure refrigerant gas discharged from the compressor in the refrigeration system exchanges heat through the condensing tube in the evaporative condenser, so that the high-temperature refrigerant exchanges heat with the water spray and air outside the tube. That is, the gas refrigerant enters the pipeline from the upper port, and gradually condenses into liquid refrigerant from top to bottom. The super strong wind that supports the fan makes the water spray completely and evenly cover the surface of the coil, and the water utilizes the wind, which greatly improves the heat exchange effect. The rising temperature of the spray water is partially turned into gas, and the latent heat of evaporation of the water is used to take away a lot of heat from the wind. The water droplets in the hot air are intercepted by the high-efficiency dehydrator, and the rest of the water that absorbs heat is dispersed to the PVC shower heat exchange layer, passing through the air. Cooling, the temperature drops, enters the water tank, and then continues to circulate through the circulating pump. The water evaporated into the air is automatically replenished by the water level regulator.
The heat exchange tube adopts a variety of forms, commonly used include carbon steel hot-dip galvanized tube (divided into round tube and oval tube), aluminum alloy tube and stainless steel tube (divided into 314/316 round tube and wave tube); among them, carbon steel tube Hot-dip zinc evaporative condenser is the earliest product used, mainly used for high-pressure gas condensation, cooling and 0-30mpa; aluminum alloy evaporative condenser is a new energy-saving product, suitable for ice machine refrigerant condensation, the pressure range is 0-5mpa; stainless steel tube evaporative condenser is mainly used for corrosive gas cooling and condensation process in some chemical plants.
The shell of the refrigeration evaporative condenser is generally sprayed with galvanized sheet, which has the characteristics of stainless steel, does not rust, has beautiful appearance and is easy to process.