At a very large level, mobile air-conditioners alleviate the problem of high temperature and heat inside the factory floor. Mobile air-conditioners can be used in the natural environment of a very common field, for example, it can cool down the temperature of employees, and can quickly cool down the product workpiece, which Air Cooler can be said to have many effects. The use of mobile air-conditioners is a very enjoyable thing, but sometimes mobile air-conditioners can also have common failures. Today, we will talk about after-sales maintenance methods for mobile air-conditioners.

From a technical point of view, the application output power and cooling capacity of mobile air conditioners and central air conditioners in general rooms are mostly the same. The difference is the design scheme of the air duct circulation system. Generally, the exhaust circulation system of central air conditioners is for the gas circulation system in the room, while the mobile air conditioner reduces the gas temperature in the natural environment. In addition, from the natural environment Inhaled air, in essence, the basic central air conditioner performs heat and cold exchange to cool and heat according to the outdoor refrigeration compressor, while the mobile air conditioner is independent of the end of the machine.

After-sales maintenance methods for mobile air conditioners

After-sales maintenance methods for mobile air conditioners

1. When there are adhesions or dust on the surface of the human body of the mobile air conditioner, it can be cleaned with soap liquid to prevent the use of car gasoline, crude oil, organic solvents, etc., to prevent paint or color fading.

2. The filter of the mobile air conditioner should be cleaned regularly (about once every 2 weeks) to maintain the high efficiency and service life of the mobile air conditioner for dehumidification and ash removal, and to prevent the growth of bacteria.

3. If there is a lot of smoke and greasy feeling in the natural environment, clean up part of the air-conditioner heat exchanger regularly (once 1-2 weeks). When cleaning, remove the air-conditioner air inlet control panel and use a soft toothbrush Sprinkle soap liquid on the aluminum block of the heat exchanger and brush it left and right. Remember to avoid the heat exchanger from turning over when cleaning.