1. Completely environmentally friendly product: It is an environmentally friendly product without compressor, cold coal, and pollution. It uses the principle of outdoor fresh air evaporative cooling to cool down and conducts convective ventilation with the room to achieve the purpose of ventilation and cooling.
2. Low operating cost and quick recovery of investment: Compared with the traditional compressor air conditioner series, the power consumption is only 1/8-1/10.
3. The cooling effect is obvious: in relatively humid areas (such as southern regions), it can generally achieve a significant cooling effect of about 5-10 °C; in particularly hot and dry areas (such as northern and northwestern regions), the cooling range can reach about 10-15 ℃ or so.
4. Low investment cost and no construction area: Compared with the traditional compressor air conditioning system, the construction cost is less than half, and the equipment does not occupy any construction area.
5. Keep the indoor air clean, clean and hygienic: open doors and windows to exhaust air is a major feature of evaporative air conditioners. The 100% fresh air replacement method keeps people in the natural environment at all times, without the inconvenience brought by traditional air conditioners. A sense of adaptability, and the foul air is exhausted outside.
6. Easy to maintain and install: The system is simple, easy to install and maintain quickly and without professional maintenance personnel.
7. Prevent air drying: It can moisten the skin and has certain benefits for the skin.
8. Low noise and small vibration: At present, this air conditioner has low noise among similar products in China, which allows us to get fresh and natural cool air unconsciously; the body itself does not dissipate heat to the surrounding.

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