A cooler is a common heat exchange device that uses a coolant as a medium and water or air as a coolant to remove heat. A wide variety, can be applied to various fields such as cooling, condensation, etc., chemical, metallurgy, energy, transportation and other fields. As you all know, when the cooler is used for a long time, there are many problems in his pipeline, such as coking, oil, scale and other debris. If these impurities are not cleaned in time, it will not affect the normal operation of the cooler and will affect the service life of the cooler.
1, mechanical cleaning

The electric pig cleaning tool is used, and the motor drives a flexible shaft to start the rotary motion. The shaft end is provided with a steel brush, which can clean the cooler pipe and eliminate the loose dirt in time!

2, using high pressure pump

The water pressure sprayed by the high-pressure pump is used for cleaning. The effect is very good, and the cleaning between the tubes can be utilized! 3, using a sponge ball to clean

The sponge ball can clean the inside of the cooler pipe, and put the sponge ball into the heat exchange tube. After the sponge ball enters the cooler, it will be combined with the pipe wall, and the pipe wall can be rubbed continuously to clear the dirt inside the pipe!

4, chemical cleaning

Reverse circulation cleaning with trichloroethylene solution, the solution pressure is not greater than the rated working pressure, after cleaning, the water is introduced into the device; using carbon tetrachloride, the solution containing carbon tetrachloride is poured into the cooler, 15 to 20 After a minute, the liquid is poured out and repeated several times until the solution becomes clear.