A semi-hermetic compressor is a type of compressor that has a partially sealed compression chamber. This allows for easier access to the internal components of the compressor for maintenance and repair, while still maintaining some level of sealing to contain the refrigerant. An air-cooled condensing unit is a self-contained system that includes a compressor, condenser, and evaporator, and uses ambient air to dissipate the heat absorbed by the refrigerant during the condensation process. The size of the unit, as specified by the 30HP to 50HP range, refers to the horsepower of the compressor, which determines the unit's cooling capacity.
Features of Before semi-hermetic compressor units Usability:
• The compressor unit can for use in many kinds of refrigerants such as R22, R134a, R404, R407C.
• The same serial compressor unit, is suitable for different applications.