Repair evaporator failure
Refrigerator maintenance The freezer evaporator has fewer failures, and the freezer evaporator abnormalities are mostly caused by other equipment abnormalities. The failures of freezer evaporators mainly include circuit and piping connection failures, serious or no frosting, and blockage of inner pipes.
1. Circuit or plumbing connection failure.
Failure: Due to aging circuits, human damage, insect and rat damage, etc., the connection between the wires and copper pipes of the evaporator may be disconnected or loosened, resulting in the fan not spinning or refrigerant leaking.
Maintenance method: Check the joints of wires, pipes, etc., and re-strengthen the joints.
2. Severe or no frosting.
Failure situation: Due to the long-term non-defrosting, the humidity in the warehouse is high, which will cause the evaporator to become seriously frosted. Due to the failure of the defrosting equipment such as the electric heating wire or the water spraying device on the evaporator, the evaporator will be difficult to defrost or not defrost.
Repair method: Check the defrosting device, repair or replace the defrosting device. Manual defrosting using tools. When defrosting, it is strictly forbidden to hit the frost with hard objects, so as not to damage the evaporator.
The third is the blockage of the inner tube.
Failure: Due to the debris in the refrigeration system, the debris enters the evaporator pipe and blocks the pipe. If there is moisture in the refrigeration system, the moisture can freeze and clog the pipes.
Maintenance method: blow the dirt with nitrogen, replace the refrigerant, and remove the sundries and moisture in the refrigeration system.