Temperature controlled chiller equipment is a relatively large mechanical equipment, especially chilled water machinery. When purchasing a machine, customers must fully consider whether the installation conditions are appropriate. Even the best equipment, if it is not installed well, can cause later operation failures and abnormalities.

Industrial chillers are used to control the cooling of products, machinery and factory machinery in various industries. Industrial chillers can be used centrally, and each chiller can meet multiple needs for cooling, or it can be dispersed in each process or equipment and has its own chiller. Each method has its characteristics.

The following are the general installation conditions of industrial chillers:

1. Please check whether the machine is damaged during the installation process and choose a suitable place for easy installation and future maintenance.

2. The site where the unit is installed must be the ground, installation mat or foundation, the level of which is within 6.4mm, and can bear the operating weight of the unit.

3. The unit should be placed in a room with room temperature, and there should be enough space around and above the unit for routine maintenance.

4. At one end of the unit, there should be a space for pipe extraction to clean the condenser tube bundle, and door holes or other appropriate openings can also be used.

5. Choose a water pipe with a suitable pipe diameter to meet the requirements of the cooling system and cold water system when the unit is running, and connect the pipes correctly.