A semi-hermetic compressor is a type of compressor that has a sealed, but replaceable motor. This means that the motor is not exposed to the refrigerant gas, but it can be removed and replaced if necessary. A two-stage compressor is a compressor that operates in two stages, meaning it has two cylinders that compress the refrigerant gas.
Semi-hermetic two-stage compressors are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to compress the refrigerant gas and increase its pressure and temperature. They are typically used in commercial and industrial applications where high efficiency and reliability are important. The two-stage design allows the compressor to operate at a lower discharge pressure, which can result in higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.
Semi-hermetic compressors have a number of advantages over other types of compressors, such as their ability to be easily repaired or replaced and their high efficiency. They are also typically more expensive than other types of compressors, but they can provide long-term cost savings due to their high efficiency and reliability.

•The same serial compressors are available for many kinds of refrigerants such as R134a, R404a, R407C and R22
•The same serial compressors are suitable for different operating temperatures.