One of the effects of dust on the work of the circuit board of the chiller is: dust is an uneven dispersion system composed of particles suspended in the air. It mainly comes from industrial emissions, combustion smoke, and soil dust. Air-Cooled Condenser These will float with the air. When floating above the circuit board, a certain electric field will be generated when the circuit board is working, and these electric fields will attract dust and make it spill on the circuit board. If the technician fails to remove the dust for a long time, it will corrode the printed wires in the circuit board, the metal pins of electronic components, etc., and severely cause mold breakage on the printed wires, and usually mold on the printed wires. The broken part will occur in the very thin signal line, the through hole of the multilayer circuit board, and the influence of the mold break on the circuit board is control failure or ineffectiveness. It will rust the metal pins of electronic components and even cause the metal pins to rust and break. If the component rust breaks in the power supply part, the entire circuit board will not work, and if it occurs in the control part, it will cause control failure.
Another effect of dust on the working conditions of the circuit boards of industrial chillers is that the circuit boards are good and sometimes bad. It is usually manifested in the normal operation of the circuit board when the weather is clear and dry. When the weather is wet, the equipment will have such strange failures! This situation is mainly caused by the accumulation of dust when the circuit is dry. What effect does the board cause? When in humid weather, the combination of dust and moisture will form an invisible resistance network. This resistance network will affect the electrical parameters of the circuit in the circuit board. If the invisible resistance is added to the power supply part, it will make the power supply The fuse is partially short-circuited, or the current of the power supply part is increased and the output voltage is pulled down! If the shapeless resistance occurs in the control circuit, it will cause control failure. Dust is not only harmful to the circuit boards of industrial chillers, but also harmful to other refrigeration equipment and electrical equipment, and to our daily lives.