The compressor condensing unit is a combination of one or several refrigeration compressors, oil separators, condensers, liquid receivers (when needed), filter driers and accessories.

Compression condensing unit is a refrigeration equipment composed of one or more refrigeration compressors, condensers and necessary auxiliary equipment. Among them, the compressor is a driven fluid machine that elevates low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas. It is the heart of the refrigeration system. It sucks in low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, and drives the piston to compress it through the operation of the motor. , Discharge high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, so as to realize the refrigeration cycle of compression, condensation (heat release), expansion, and evaporation (heat absorption).

Screw-Type Condensing Unit

During the operation of the compression condensing unit, the refrigerating oil is continuously circulated for its own cooling and lubrication. The presence of fine particles of impurities in the cooling oil in the circulation will cause serious wear and even damage to the machine. Therefore, the compressed air-conditioning unit is usually equipped with The filter performs the filtration of refrigerating oil.

In the prior art, the compression condensing unit is usually filtered through a filter installed in the compression condensing unit. Although the filtering effect can be achieved, the filter will accumulate a large amount of impurities due to filtration after a long time of use, which often causes The clogging of the filter is in urgent need of improvement.