In the process of using the refrigeration unit, many users often find that the freezing effect of a certain day is suddenly not as good as before or why it is not freezing? According to the industry, the refrigeration unit is not cooled well, which means that the suction pressure of the refrigeration unit is too low.

The following Kedley chiller will share with friends  in the industry the reasons for the low suction pressure of the refrigeration unit and the correct way to deal with it, so as to give you a simple understanding.

So, what is the reason for the low suction pressure of the refrigeration unit? How should users solve this problem? In this regard, some manufacturers’ technicians said that, in fact, there are many reasons for the low suction pressure of the refrigeration unit, including the refrigerant filter clogging the valve, not fully opening, and insufficient refrigerant filling. The following is a brief introduction to common faults and their solutions.

Fault 1: The refrigerant filter is clogged. The refrigerant filter has an important filtering function and should be kept unblocked. If clogging occurs, the filter should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Fault 2: Improper adjustment or failure of the expansion valve. If this happens, it is recommended to correct or troubleshoot immediately, and replace it if necessary.

Fault 3: The refrigerant liquid outlet valve of the condenser is not fully opened. If the condenser refrigerant liquid outlet valve is unsafely opened, the refrigeration unit will produce a situation where the suction pressure is too low. At this time, please fully open the valve.


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