One project, with a large air source heat pump unit? It has always been a messy and tricky deal for dealers and solution designers. The ratio of the units is large, the cost goes up, the profit is reduced; the ratio of the units is small, the cost is less, but the user complaints are much more. The selection of the host just does not exist, and there is no standard basis. Now everyone is based on experience.

There is a villa in the Nantong area, with a total construction area of ​​109 bungalows, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two kitchens. It is equipped with a 120 air-cooling and heating unit for a certain manufacturer. The rated cooling capacity is 11.5kW and the rated heating capacity is 13.5kW. The indoor cooling adopts the fan coil and the heating uses the floor heating pipe.

According to the normal design, the cooling load in Nantong should be 130-150W/m2, and the heating load should be around 60-80W/m2. When the dealer was doing the design, the idea was to meet the heating needs, and the cooling rate was 0.8. Through calculation, the heating load of this machine can be satisfied, and the cooling can meet the requirement of the same rate of 0.8. But there is a problem, the dealer is this design idea, there is no good communication with the owner, understand the owner's appeal, the owner is not aware of the so-called cooling rate of 0.8.

After the installation is nearing the end of autumn, during the system commissioning, the owner requested that the equipment be fully opened and all rooms opened and debugged. In the heating mode, the floor temperature reaches above 28 °C, which can meet the requirements of the design and the owner. Actually, the whole winter runs well. .