The air cooler, also known as water-cooled air conditioner, is an evaporative cooling and ventilating unit that integrates cooling, ventilation, dustproof and deodorization. In addition to allowing fresh air and lowering temperatures in enterprise workshops, public places, commercial and entertainment venues, the air cooler has an important feature---energy saving and environmental protection!

Location selection The installation location of the chiller can be related to the air volume of the chiller and the freshness of the air. How should we choose the installation location of the chiller? I don't know if you have ever understood, if you haven't already known friends, let's take a look with the author! Only a clear understanding of the chiller can be used better. For the chiller installation we should install it outdoors to ensure that the fresh air comes back. If possible, install the host as much as possible in the surrounding air. The place. Do not install in the vents with odor or odor gas, such as polishing, toilets, kitchens, etc. The air cooler can be installed on the wall, on the roof or on the outdoor floor, and the duct should be kept too long. The average length is 15-20 meters, and the duct elbow is not reduced or the elbow is not used. When the main unit of the air-cooling fan is running, open a door or window of a certain area to ventilate the air. If there are not enough doors and windows, install an exhaust fan and ensure that the exhaust volume is 80% of the total air supply volume of the air cooler. The air cooler mainframe bracket needs to be welded by steel structure, and its structure is required to support the whole body and maintenance personnel twice the weight.