The water (ground) source heat pump unit uses shallow shallow water sources such as groundwater, rivers and lakes on the surface of the earth as the main energy source, and adopts the heat pump principle to realize the transfer of low-level heat energy to high-level heat energy through a small amount of high-point energy input. A unit. When heating, the central air conditioner of the water source extracts low-grade heat energy from the water source, and the water pump central air-conditioning main unit (heat pump) “pump” is sent to the high-temperature heat source through the electric energy to meet the heating demand of the user. When cooling, the water source central air conditioner transfers the residual heat in the user's room to the water source through the water source central air conditioning host to meet the user's cooling needs.

Unit use occasions This series of water source heat pump units have many advantages such as compact structure, environmental protection and energy saving, intelligent control, etc. This series of units can be used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, schools and other buildings and used in chemical, injection molding, electronics. Process areas such as electrical appliances and machinery.