There are about eight types of heat pumps, such as domestic heat pumps, commercial heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, heat recovery heat pump units, air heating units, drying units, ground source heat pumps, etc.

Household air energy water heaters are small and suitable for home use, mainly air energy water heaters with an input power of less than 5 horses. There are three typical working methods: fluorine cycle split type water cycle split type and fluorine cycle integrated machine type.

Compared with large-scale air energy water heaters, commercial air energy water heaters require a large amount of hot water. Generally, a multi-machine parallel scheme is adopted, and a special heat exchanger is used to form a heat exchange system with an external water pump. The evaporator is generally V-shaped and L-shaped, and also has a W-shaped installation, which is mainly determined by the amount of evaporation. The control part has more functions, such as machine protection, operation control, defrost, and fault real-life alarms.

It mainly has a circulating air energy heat pump and a direct heat air energy heat pump!

The pool air energy hot water is basically the same as the commercial water heater. There are two different points: the pool often uses chlorine to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum are easily reacted with chloride ions belonging to strong acid, so it is not suitable for swimming pool water heaters. The heat exchange material is generally made of a titanium alloy material and a copper-nickel alloy anti-corrosion material as a heat exchanger. The effluent temperature requirement is not high, generally at 35 degrees, and the COP value is generally above 4.8, so it is more economical to use an air heater to heat the pool. Pool heat pumps like ours include: pool thermostatic heat pump, wall-mounted swimming pool dehumidification heat pump, and three-in-one integrated pool thermostatic heat pump (integral, integrated).

The unit also produces hot water at the same time of cooling. It can also supply cold air at the same time of producing hot water. It is an air conditioner and a water heater. It maximizes the efficiency of the heat pump. Its maximum cop can reach 6.5. Refrigeration recovery, as well as a comprehensive type of heating and cooling triple supply unit, in which the cooling and heating triple air supply heat pump unit will become the mainstream of hotel energy-saving renovation due to the large amount of energy saving on the comprehensive heating throughout the year!