To understand the concept of a heat pump unit, you first need to know what a heat pump is. A “heat pump” is a device that takes low-level heat from natural air, water, or soil, and converts it into high-level heat that can be used by people. The combination of the heat pump unit and the heat pump unit can be classified into an air source heat pump unit, a water source heat pump unit, and a ground source heat pump unit according to the heat energy acquisition method.

The air source heat pump unit uses the energy in the ubiquitous air as the main power, drives the compressor to run through a small amount of electric energy, realizes the transfer of low-level heat energy to high-level heat energy, and has the dual functions of single heating and heating and cooling; the scope of application is very wide. In the current technology, it can be used in areas above -25 °C. Beijing coal to electricity, Tianjin coal to electricity have been widely used air source heat pump heating, according to coal to electricity residents feedback is very good.

The water source heat pump is an air conditioning technology that uses solar energy resources stored in the earth's water as a source of cold and heat to convert. By inputting a small amount of high-grade energy (such as electrical energy), the low-temperature heat energy is transferred to the high temperature position. The water source heat pump unit is suitable for areas with sufficient water resources, such as urban domestic sewage discharged after manual use, treated urban sewage, industrial wastewater, mine wastewater, oil field wastewater and thermal power plant cooling water. It is best not to choose natural water resources.

Ground-source heat pumps are low-grade thermal energy that is transferred from low-grade thermal energy to high-grade thermal energy by inputting a small amount of high-grade energy (such as electrical energy). A heating and air-conditioning system that utilizes shallow geothermal resources on the surface of the earth as a source of cold and heat for energy conversion. Ground source ground source heat pump is suitable for single-family villas or villas with gardens, because ground source heat pumps need to drill wells, even if vertical closed wells are used, it is not small. In addition to this, it is necessary to determine the geologic heat pump according to the geological conditions of the survey.