Analysis of why the industrial chiller has poor cooling effect

1. There is a lot of dust on the surface of the compressor of the industrial chiller, which causes the compressor to dissipate heat slowly, which indirectly affects the cooling effect;

2. There is leakage or shortage of refrigerant in the industrial chiller, which leads to a decrease in the cooling effect of the chiller;


Intelligent integrated cooling and heating unit


3. The accumulation of debris or sludge in the evaporator of the industrial chiller causes the flow rate to slow down, which affects the evaporation and condensation capacity and causes the cooling effect to decrease;

5. Poor heat dissipation at the installation place of the water-cooled chiller;

6. According to several important reasons for the decline of the cooling effect above, if these phenomena occur, you can refer to the maintenance method of the chiller provided by us for operation.