Designed for reliability and convenience, semi-hermetic compressors offer many advantages that make them an ideal choice for large refrigeration systems.
They have airtight seals that isolate the motor and compressor in a safe environment and are highly unlikely to experience refrigerant leaks. However, they can be prone to liquid slugging and flooding, which requires careful maintenance and can reduce their lifespan significantly.
Designed for Reliability
A semi-hermetic compressor is a style of compressor that houses both the motor and compressor housing in a two-piece shell. The covers are bolted together and can be opened for servicing and inspections.
While semi-hermetic compressors are a great choice, they do have some problems that can affect their performance. For example, if coolant liquid leaks into the closed system of a semi-hermetic compressor, it can damage the components and cause inorganic halogen acids to form.
Designed for Efficiency
Semi-Hermetic Compressors are designed to offer a lot of efficiency, making them a great choice for refrigeration equipment. They are able to work in environments where there is high pressure and heat, while keeping the coolant fluid in place.
This helps prevent contaminants from entering the system, which could lead to corrosion or increased deterioration. This is an important factor for businesses that are concerned with uptime.
A hermetic compressor has both the motor and the compressor housing encased in a steel shell. This makes them much harder to open than semi-hermetic compressors.
Semi-hermetic compressors are designed to allow easy access to many of the mechanical parts that need maintenance, which can help keep them working as they should for a long time. This is an important consideration for businesses that are looking to save money on repairs.
Designed for Convenience
When it comes to selecting a commercial compressor, you have many options. There are hermetic and semi-hermetic designs to choose from.
Hermetic compressors are designed to protect the compressor and motor from the environment within a sealed shell. They are less expensive, moderately robust and reasonably efficient.
They are often used in small refrigeration equipment, cold rooms and air coolers. They also can be used in heat pumps and water cooling systems.
Semi-hermetic compressors are similar to hermetic compressors in that the compressor and motor are housed inside the same casing, but they can be opened for maintenance and diagnostic purposes. This makes them much easier to service and maintain than hermetic models.
Designed for Reputation
If you’re in the market for a new compressor, one of the first questions you might ask is whether to opt for hermetic or semi-hermetic options. Both types are designed for long-lasting use, but the decision should be based on your intended purpose for the unit, your ability to complete regular maintenance tasks, and your budget.
Hermetic units are contained within a steel shield to prevent dust, dirt, and fluids from entering the unit and harming the components inside. However, this also limits access to the unit and its parts when repairs are required.
Semi-hermetic units feature an opening cover, which allows you to repair or replace parts without affecting the integrity of the entire compressor unit. This makes them more versatile and less expensive than hermetic units. Often, these units are smaller than traditional models, making them easier to move around in a space. They’re also quieter than hermetic compressors. For these reasons, semi-hermetic compressors are commonly used in commercial refrigeration equipment and water cooling systems.
Semi-Hermetic Two-Stage Compressor

Excellent functions:
•High efficiency motors.
•Great gap control, high quality and low energy consumption in order to achieve a higher refrigerating capacity.
•Great mass balance of driving parts, less vibration and lower noise.
Special design for the construction:
•BFBV20 56H(Y) applies coil motor with low starting current.
•The materials which can reduce the friction are used.
•The valves are constructed with buffer activation.
Reliability protector:
•Electronic module protector is installed in the motor to control its operating temperature.
•BFBV20 84.5(Y) use oil pump for a good lubrication system.
•BFBV20 56H(Y) is equipped with auto protector of high pressure release valve.
•Crankcase heater is applied for preventing liquid strike.