How to distinguish water-cooled and air-cooled central air conditioners? In fact, we can distinguish between the cooling methods in the two refrigeration cycles. Below, the water chiller manufacturer answers the first question "Which one is better for large shopping malls and hotels!".

Regarding the selection, it is recommended to use Air-Cooled Condenser modular units (that is, units with standard cooling capacity, such as single unit 60Kw, 120Kw) below 2000 square meters, which can be used for a few days in winter (single cooler is strongly recommended, module mechanism heat is almost Nightmare), this kind of air-cooled unit can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the load or how much floor or room is open during operation, saving power. Don’t you see the kind of water-cooled unit with a cooling tower on the roof, as long as one guest stays in, a large screw machine has to be opened, and the electricity bill is so bad. There is still a computer room left, just get to the roof.

However, in general shopping malls and hotels with a large flow of people, when the area is more than 2000 square meters, it is better to choose a water-cooled machine. 1. The running failure rate of the water-cooling machine is low; 2. The electricity cost of the water-cooling machine is low; 3. The price of the water-cooling machine is cheap.