(1) All rolling bearings are used
The radial bearing adopts the cylindrical bearing, and the thrust bearing adopts the ball thrust bearing to bear the axial thrust of the rotor. The clearance of these rolling bearings is smaller than that of the sliding bearing, which can keep the rotor shaft stable, thereby reducing the rotor meshing gap and reducing leakage loss.
(2) Differential pressure oil supply
The difference between the exhaust pressure and the pressure at the bearing is used to supply oil, and no oil pump is provided, which simplifies the lubrication oil supply system.
(3) The machine is equipped with a degreasing mister
The inhaled gas first passes through the motor, and after cooling the motor, it enters the cylinder to be compressed and discharged. A de-oil mister is installed in the exhaust pipe to separate the oil droplets from the gas, so there is no need to install an oil separator in the system. The structure of the unit compact.
(4) Stepless adjustment of gas transmission volume
The moving slide valve method is adopted for the stepless adjustment of the air delivery capacity of the compressor, which is superior to the stepwise adjustment of the cooling capacity of the reciprocating compressor.
(5) Liquid spray cooling
When the discharge temperature of the semi-hermetic screw compressor is high, the lubricating oil temperature rises too high, and the compressor motor is often easily burned. For this reason, the method of liquid injection cooling can be used to cool down and cool down, so as to ensure that the working condition is in the compressor. working limits.