In the development of the refrigeration industry, the demand for commercial refrigeration equipment has not decreased. Commercial refrigeration equipment includes refrigeration display cabinets, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, beverage cabinets, wine cabinets, ice machines, etc., which are used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other occasions.

The technological development trend of small and medium commercial Refrigeration Equipment mainly includes three aspects:

One is to reduce the demand for cooling water and improve the insulation performance of the equipment;

The second is the optimization of the refrigeration system, such as improving the circulation system, optimizing the performance of each component, and applying new refrigerants;

The third is to apply an intelligent management system to make the overall system smarter.

The dual-compressor parallel refrigeration system is a cyclic improvement method of a typical vapor compression refrigeration system.

The dual-compressor parallel refrigeration system mainly solves the "horse-drawn cart" problem: a single compressor runs at full load during the cooling process, and plays a role in changing the cooling capacity during the constant temperature process.

In the second largest typical vapor compression refrigeration system, the ejector efficiency enhancement refrigeration system is its cycle improvement mode.

Its structure is simple, does not require moving parts, can replace traditional throttle valves, recover expansion work, improve system performance, and has great application potential. Aiming at the shortcomings of poor cycle performance of traditional low-temperature refrigerators, the use of segregated condensation technology to reduce the condensing pressure and increase the evaporation pressure, combined with the characteristics of the ejector to recover the expansion work, further increases the compressor suction pressure, reduces the pressure ratio, and improves the system performance.

The dual-temperature cooling system is the third typical cycle improvement method for vapor compression refrigeration systems. In the commercial field, multi-temperature refrigerators, kitchen refrigerators and other small and medium-sized enterprises are more common.