Many people mistakenly think that the air cooler is the air conditioner. The wind blowing out is also cold and cool. It is also a cooling device in hot weather. Let’s see what is the difference between them.
The advantages of the industrial air cooler "environmentally friendly air conditioner": it can significantly adjust the humidity of the indoor air, and adjust it to different high and low temperatures according to needs. In summer, the air humidity is too high to make people feel uncomfortable. Furniture, clothing, home appliances, etc. are easily damp. Air conditioners can remove the humidity from the air. Moreover, air conditioners are listed early, there are many brands, and there is a lot of room for choice. Disadvantages: it is bulky and expensive. After use, due to the indoor sealing, the air is not ventilated, and the indoor air temperature is uneven, which is easy to make people feel uncomfortable and suffer from air-conditioning disease. At the same time, it has high power and easy power consumption.
Advantages of electric fans: the market is relatively early, the price is suitable, and the air volume is large, and there are many models and styles. There are desktop, hanging, floor-standing, wall-mounted and other models to choose from. Disadvantages: The cooling effect is not obvious by driving the air flow to generate wind, and the cooling effect is strong, so it can only be used in summer.
Advantages of air-conditioning fans: the temperature is lower than ordinary fans by about 5-6 degrees, low power consumption, medium price, some products also have heating and negative ion functions, small size and easy to move. Disadvantages: The cooling effect is not very good for large areas, it is not easy to use in places with high temperature, and it also increases the humidity in the air when using it. An air conditioner fan is a cooling device between an air conditioner and an electric fan. The cooling effect is not as significant as that of an air conditioner, but it is much cooler than a fan.
A household air cooler is a cooling device in summer that can be used to cool down. The air cooler is an upgraded version of the air conditioner fan. Because the cooling effect of most air-conditioning fans on the market is not particularly obvious, and ice crystals need to be added during cooling, it is very troublesome. The air cooler is an improved version of the air-conditioning fan, which not only has a more obvious cooling effect, but also does not need to add ice crystals, which is more convenient to use.

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