1 Refrigeration principle of evaporative air conditioner
It adopts high-efficiency "direct evaporative refrigeration" technology. The principle is that water absorbs heat energy during the evaporation process, that is, under the condition of constant enthalpy value, it absorbs the sensible heat of the air and reduces the temperature of the air (dry bulb temperature). This phenomenon exists widely in our daily life, such as when we stand on the beach and feel particularly cool, and when there is water on the skin surface, it will feel particularly cool when the wind blows, etc. This is the process of evaporating water and absorbing air The heat in the air causes the air temperature to drop as a result.
2. The service life of the air-conditioning cooler is twice as long as that of the traditional central air conditioner, the overall failure rate is low, and the equipment maintenance is simple and convenient.
Evaporative air conditioners have small one-time investment, high overall operating efficiency, and low operating costs. Taking a space of 2,000 square meters as an example, 20 evaporative air conditioners are used. Calculated at full load in one hour, the operating power is 20KW. The central air conditioner (180 hp) operates at 180KW per hour, and if it runs for 10 hours per day, it can save 48,000 yuan in electricity bills per month, and the energy saving is 89%.​​
Traditional air conditioners have high energy consumption and high operating costs, which limit the purchase volume to a certain extent. Our company's evaporative air coolers reflect the characteristics of energy saving, human nature, beauty and environmental protection. Ventilation and cooling of the room and other environments provides the solution of ENDCODI.​​
Air conditioners are not as versatile as air conditioners, and their oversized body also prevents them from entering many households. However, its cooling range is wider than that of air conditioners, so it is widely loved by factories, waiting rooms, entertainment venues, etc. Another major advantage of air conditioners over air conditioners is that they are more affordable. I believe that netizens who have read the editor above all know the working principle of air conditioners! It is not difficult for us to find that in real life, the use of air conditioners has become more extensive.

NPI Industrial Type Air Cooler

1、High efficiency staggered fin pattern design

2、Special sine wave fin design for better heat transfer

3、ternal grooved copper tube for higher heat exchanger efficiency

4、Specific fan motor for low temp, application, high air volume & air throw

5、Optimized air flow for unit cooler face area to reach max. capacity

6、ptimized circuiting design for refrigerant fully evaporating

7、Imported brand e-heaters applied for e-defrost type

8、Casing with white coating for corrosion protection

9、Robust,state-of-the-art sheet metal design and sscasing is available