In the case of power failure in the cold storage, most of them will have a temperature rise. Although most of the cold storage uses thermal insulation materials for insulation, even if the thermal insulation materials are of good quality, there may be a loss of cooling capacity Situation, and comparing the good cold storage board with the poor cold storage board, there is a certain difference in thermal insulation performance. Because of this, the cold storage project will quickly recover after power failure. If you are not very knowledgeable about these knowledge, Understand, then follow the editor to understand the following content.

First, the construction process
The so-called construction process is actually some operations on how to deal with the gaps in the process of splicing the cold storage plates. There are some gaps in the cold storage plates that will not seal well.
Second, the cold storage thermal insulation performance is poor
Many companies choose different thicknesses of cold storage plates. The density of cold storage plates often affects its cost. Some small companies choose thinner cold storage plates in order to save their costs effectively, but It is because of such a decision that the thermal insulation performance of the cold storage board cannot meet the standard.
Third, personnel in and out
In the process of using the cold storage project, each time a person enters and exits may lose a certain amount of energy. If the personnel frequently enters and exits, it will also cause the temperature in the cold storage to gradually rise. Therefore, during the process of using the cold storage project, users This knowledge must be understood. In personnel work management, it is necessary to close the door at will. This can also save the emergence of electricity, and also avoid the occurrence of ice or condensation.
Fourth, if the cold storage project returns quickly, even if the temperature is returned in time, it will bring us a lot of impact.
If the phenomenon of warming up occurs in our cold storage project, it will increase the operating cost of users. If the user's cold storage is only small, then the impact may not be great. If it is a large cold storage, it will cause The losses are relatively large, and the main profit of large cold storage lies in saving in daily operations, which can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, and then can improve the utilization of cold storage.

In the process of using the cold storage project, if temperature recurrence occurs frequently, it will also lead to a reduction in the life of the refrigeration equipment, and poor thermal insulation performance will cause the intelligent equipment to continue to work. Such a situation will also lead to more refrigeration equipment. failure. I hope that everyone must properly handle the phenomenon of temperature rise during the process of using the cold storage project. Only in this way can the quality of the stored items be guaranteed.