Most of the components of water-cooled refrigerators are metal materials. After a long period of operation, water-cooled refrigerators may be caused by corrosion of metal materials, decomposition of lubricants / refrigerants, and air leakage during operation. Air is present in the mechanical cooling system.

So what harm does air bring into the water-cooled freezer refrigeration system? Air is a non-condensable gas in the water-cooled freezer refrigeration system, so it cannot be liquefied. If it enters the condenser, it will cause the condenser's condensing pressure to rise and make the water-cooled refrigerator's heat transfer worse. Reduce the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system. In addition, it can oxidize and deteriorate the lubricating oil.

The hazards in the presence of air in a water-cooled freezer refrigeration system are summarized in four points:

1. Condensing pressure will increase after the water-cooled freezer enters the air. Because in a condenser with air, if air occupies a certain volume, then it has a certain pressure, and the refrigerant in the condenser also has a certain pressure. Therefore, in the condenser of a water-cooled freezer, air pressure + refrigerant pressure = total pressure. The more air in the condenser of a water-cooled freezer, the greater its partial pressure, and the total pressure of the condenser naturally rises.

2. Due to the presence of air, the gas layer formed on the heat transfer surface of the condenser of the water-cooled freezer increases the thermal resistance, thereby reducing the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser. At the same time, as air enters the water-cooled freezer data system, the water content of the system increases, which corrodes the pipes and other equipment of the water-cooled freezer.

3. If there is air in the cooling system of the water-cooled refrigerator, the condensation pressure will be directly increased, which will cause the cooling output of the water-cooled refrigerator to decrease and increase the power consumption of the entire water-cooled refrigerator.

4. After the air exists in the refrigeration system of the water-cooled freezer, under the condition of high exhaust temperature, if oil vapor is encountered, accidents are likely to occur.