Semi-hermetic compressors are a type of compressor that is commonly used in industrial refrigeration and commercial air conditioning systems. Unlike hermetic compressors, which are completely sealed, semi-hermetic compressors have a bolted construction that allows for easier maintenance and repair.
One of the main advantages of semi-hermetic compressors is their reliability. They are known for their long service life and high degree of efficiency, making them a popular choice for a variety of applications. In addition, semi-hermetic compressors can be designed for a wide range of refrigerants and operating conditions, making them adaptable to a variety of environments.
Another advantage of semi-hermetic compressors is their ease of maintenance and repair. Because they can be opened up and serviced, any components that are damaged or worn can be easily replaced, prolonging the life of the compressor. This also allows for more efficient repairs, as only the damaged components need to be replaced rather than the entire compressor.
Semi-hermetic compressors also offer greater flexibility in terms of capacity control. They can be designed to operate at variable speeds, allowing for greater energy efficiency and more precise temperature control. This can be particularly useful in applications where demand for refrigeration or air conditioning varies over time.
When selecting a semi-hermetic compressor, it is important to consider factors such as the refrigerant being used, the operating conditions of the application, and the desired capacity and efficiency. It is also important to work with a reputable supplier who can provide guidance and support in selecting and maintaining the compressor.
Overall, semi-hermetic compressors offer a number of advantages for industrial refrigeration and commercial air conditioning applications. Their reliability, ease of maintenance, and flexibility make them a popular choice for a variety of environments, and careful selection and maintenance can ensure that they continue to operate effectively over a long service life.
Semi-hermetic two-stage compressor
•The same serial compressors are available for many kinds of refrigerants such as R134a, R404a, R407C and R22
•The same serial compressors are suitable for different operating temperatures.
Excellent functions:
•High efficiency motors.
•Great gap control, high quality and low energy consumption in order to achieve a higher refrigerating capacity.
•Great mass balance of driving parts, less vibration and lower noise.
Special design for the construction:
•BFBV20 56H(Y) applies coil motor with low starting current.
•The materials which can reduce the friction are used.
•The valves are constructed with buffer activation.
Reliability protector:
•Electronic module protector is installed in the motor to control its operating temperature.
•BFBV20 84.5(Y) use oil pump for a good lubrication system.
•BFBV20 56H(Y) is equipped with auto protector of high pressure release valve.
•Crankcase heater is applied for preventing liquid strike.