With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the application of refrigeration equipment is becoming more and more extensive. Refrigeration equipment can provide a low-temperature environment for the storage and transportation of goods, so as to ensure the quality of storage and transportation. The specific application area of ​​the equipment. 

1. Food industry
Most foods are perishable, and the production of foods has a strong seasonality and regionality. So far, refrigeration is considered a good method for processing and storing foods. Now the cooling and freezing processing, storage, and transportation of perishable foods From the distribution, retail, and consumer links, there is a certain amount of refrigeration equipment. It can be said that without refrigeration technology, the food industry will not be able to operate.
2. Iron and steel industry
Steelmaking requires oxygen, and oxygen must be obtained by refrigeration. Low temperature cold treatment in mechanical processing can change the metallographic structure of the steel and improve the quality of the steel.
3. Petrochemical industry, organic synthesis
Separation, crystallization, concentration, liquefaction, control of reaction temperature, etc. in petrochemical industry, organic synthesis, and basic chemical industry are all inseparable from refrigeration.
4. Light industry and precision instrument industry
The textile, printing, precision instrumentation, and electronics industries all need to control temperature and humidity and perform air conditioning.

5. Agriculture and Fisheries
The preservation of improved seeds in agriculture, seed treatment, and artificial climate chambers all require low temperatures. Without refrigeration, marine fisheries will not be able to produce.

6. Construction water conservancy
For large concrete components, the heat release during the solidification process will cause cracking. In the construction of mines and tunnels, the geological conditions such as quicksand are encountered, and the soil can be frozen by refrigeration.

7. Medical and medicine
The production and preservation of many medicines require refrigeration technology. Cryotherapy is booming.

8. Product performance test
Many products require low-temperature performance tests. For example, aircraft, firearms and other devices that may be used at low temperatures must undergo low-temperature performance tests.

9. Daily life
The production of refrigerators, air conditioners, beer, and film in daily life is inseparable from refrigeration. Without refrigeration technology, satellite ground stations cannot transmit signals normally, and TV programs cannot be seen.

10. High-tech
In high-tech fields, such as laser, infrared, superconductivity, remote sensing, and nuclear industry, refrigeration is indispensable.