The air cooler, also known as water-cooled air conditioner, is an evaporative cooling and ventilating unit that integrates cooling, ventilation, dustproof and deodorization. In addition to allowing fresh air and lowering temperatures in enterprise workshops, public places, commercial and entertainment venues, the air cooler has an important feature---energy saving and environmental protection! It is a new environmentally friendly product with no compressor, no refrigerant and no copper tube. The main component core----evaporative wet curtain (multi-layer corrugated fiber laminate) and 1.1KW main motor / traditional central The air conditioner consumes 1/8 of electricity, which can save more electricity for various industries. So, in the end, is the cooling fan not working well? Let's take a look.

The cooling fan (evaporative air conditioner) cooling principle is: when the fan is running, it enters the cavity to generate negative pressure, so that the outside air flow is too much. The cold fan hole wets the wet curtain surface to force the dry ball temperature of the curtain air to decrease to close to The wet bulb temperature of the air outside the air, that is, the dry bulb temperature at the outlet of the air cooler is 5-12 °C lower than the outdoor dry bulb temperature (up to 15 °C in the dry heat zone), the hotter the air is, the larger the temperature difference is, the better the cooling effect is. 

Since the air is always introduced into the room from outside (this is called a positive pressure system), it can keep the indoor air fresh. At the same time, because the machine uses the principle of evaporation and cooling, it has the dual functions of cooling and humidifying (relative temperature can reach 75%). Left and right), used in textile, knitting and other workshops, not only can improve the conditions of cooling and humidification, but also purify the air, reduce the needle breakage rate in the needle spinning process, and improve the quality of the needle textile products. The air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) is equipped with a honeycomb wet curtain using special materials, which has a large surface area and continuously humidifies the wet curtain through the water circulation system; the high-efficiency low-noise energy-saving fan is installed in the wet curtain air cooler.

When the fan is running, the negative pressure of the wet curtain air cooler causes the air outside the machine to flow through the porous wet curtain into the machine, and the heat of the water on the wet curtain absorbs heat, forcing the air passing through the wet curtain to cool down. At the same time, since the water on the wet curtain evaporates toward the air flowing through the wet curtain, the humidity of the air is increased, so the wet curtain air cooler has the dual functions of cooling and humidifying.