The heat pump unit is widely used in China due to its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and combined cooling and heating. It is a device that consumes a part of low-grade energy (mechanical energy, electric energy or high-temperature heat energy) to transfer heat from a low-temperature heat source to a high-temperature heat source. The essence is to reduce the amount of work by a certain amount of work, providing a lower grade and a greater amount of energy. Since the heat pump can convert low-temperature heat energy into high-temperature heat energy and improve the effective utilization of energy, it is an important way to recover low-temperature waste heat and utilize energy stored in environmental media (groundwater, surface water, soil, outdoor air, etc.).

Heat pump technology is a new energy technology that has received worldwide attention in recent years. The "pump" that people are familiar with is a kind of mechanical equipment that can improve the potential energy. For example, the water pump mainly draws water from the low position to the high position. The "heat pump" is a device that can obtain low-grade heat energy from the air, water or soil of nature, and work hard to provide high-grade heat energy that can be used by people. According to the various knowledge collected by the pump valve Yingcai network experts, the heat pump application technology and its application are as follows:

Air source (air-cooled) heat pump current products are mainly domestic heat pump air conditioners, commercial unit heat pump air conditioning units and heat pump hot and cold water units. Heat pump air conditioners have accounted for 40 to 50% of the sales of household air conditioners, with an annual output of more than 4 million units. Since the early 1990s, heat pump hot and cold water units have been widely used in hot summer and cold winter regions. According to incomplete statistics, the central air-conditioning cold and heat sources in some cities in the region have accounted for 20~30% of heat pump hot and cold water units. And the scope of application continues to expand and there is a tendency to move towards this.