At the core of an efficient cooling system lies the semi-hermetic compressor, a workhorse that plays a pivotal role in compressing and circulating the refrigerant. Unlike hermetic compressors, semi-hermetic compressors can be serviced and maintained, offering greater flexibility and longevity. Their robust construction and quality materials ensure reliable operation, even in demanding environments.
Working in harmony with the compressor, condensing units contribute to the overall efficiency of the cooling system. These units are responsible for dissipating heat from the compressed refrigerant and converting it back into a liquid state. By effectively removing heat, the condensing units enable the refrigerant to absorb more heat during the evaporation process, resulting in efficient cooling.
The optimization of cooling systems begins with the selection of the appropriate semi-hermetic compressor and condensing unit combination. Factors such as the cooling capacity required, the type of refrigerant used, and the operating conditions should be carefully considered to ensure compatibility and maximize efficiency.
Semi-hermetic compressors and condensing units are available in various sizes and configurations to meet specific cooling requirements. Whether it's for commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, or industrial processes, there is a solution tailored to your needs. High-quality components and advanced technologies enhance performance and energy efficiency, contributing to significant energy savings over time.
Efficient cooling systems not only reduce energy consumption but also provide reliable and precise temperature control. This is especially important in applications where temperature stability is critical, such as in pharmaceutical storage, food processing, or server rooms. By optimizing the cooling process, you can achieve consistent and dependable results while minimizing operational costs.

Semi-Hermetic Compressor Parallel Condensing Unit
Semi-Hermetic Compressor Parallel Condensing Unit
Excellent functions:
• Equipped with oil separator, high and lower pressure controller, solenoid valve, filter drier, high and lower pressure gauge, big volume receiver and high efficient condensing units, it is good match unit.
Special design for the construction:
• Construction compact, equipped with protect cover,stability, service life long and good looking.
• Excellent design for the driving parts to rduced the vibration result.
• The reasonable suction device in order to compressor cylinder has completed cooling.
• According to different applications to equipment with high efficient Wpattern Rifle bored copper, it can be reduced overall dimension and add transfer-heating result.
• BFBV20 over 56H(Y) compressor unit adopted split wire motor, it can use small current to start running.
Reliability protectors:
• The motor uses electronic module protector or advanced heat protector to control the temperature.
• BFBV20 over 84.5H(Y)compress unit or adopted oil different pressure controller to ensure well lubrication system and equipped with auto-proctor of high pressure release valve.
• Crankcase heater fitted to prevent liquid migration.