Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors are mechanical equipment that are often used in cold storage. Cold storage refrigeration compressors can be divided into two categories: semi-hermetic refrigerators and fully-closed refrigerators according to their structure. These two types of equipment must not be known to everyone. The following Let Xiaobian tell you about the characteristics of fully hermetic and semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors.
The fully enclosed refrigeration compressor and the electric motor used share a main shaft and are installed in the casing, so the shaft sealing device is not needed to reduce the possibility of leakage. Its advantage is that the refrigeration compressor and the motor are installed in a shell welded or brazed, and share a main shaft, which not only cancels the shaft sealing device, but also greatly reduces and reduces the size and size of the entire compressor. weight. Only the suction and exhaust pipes, process pipes and other necessary pipes (such as spray pipes), input power terminals and compressor brackets are welded on the outer surface of the casing.
Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors mostly use the overall structure of the cylinder block and crankcase, and the motor casing is often an extension of the crankcase of the cylinder block to reduce the connection surface and ensure the concentricity between the compressor-level motors. The crankcase and the motor room are connected by holes to facilitate the return of lubricating oil.
The main shaft of the semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor is in the form of a crank shaft or an eccentric shaft; some of the built-in motors are cooled by air or water, and some are used to inhale low-temperature working fluid vapor. For semi-hermetic compressors in the small power range, centrifugal oil supply is often used for lubrication. Widely used in cold storage, refrigerated transportation, frozen processing, display cabinets and kitchen refrigerators and other fields.
Advantages of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors:
It can adapt to a wider pressure range and refrigeration capacity requirements; the thermal efficiency is higher, and the unit power consumption is less, especially the existence of the air valve makes the operation deviating from the design condition more obvious; the material requirements are low, and ordinary steel materials are often used. The processing is relatively easy and the cost is relatively low; the technology is relatively mature, and rich experience has been accumulated in production and use; the device system is relatively simple.
The above is the relevant introduction about the characteristics of hermetic and semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors. It also gives you a brief understanding of hermetic refrigeration compressors and semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors. I hope it can help you.

Semi-Hermetic Compressor(3HP-15HP)

Excellent functions:

•High efficiency motors.

•Great gap control, high quality and low energy consumption in order to achieve a higher refrigerating capacity.

•Great mass balance of driving parts, less vibration and lower noise.

Special design for the construction:

•BFBV20 56H(Y) applies coil motor with low starting current.

•The materials which can reduce the friction are used.

•The valves are constructed with buffer activation.

Reliability protector:

•Electronic module protector is installed in the motor to control its operating temperature.

•BFBV20 84.5(Y) use oil pump for a good lubrication system.

•BFBV20 56H(Y) is equipped with auto protector of high pressure release valve.

•Crankcase heater is applied for preventing liquid strike.