A semi Hermastic compressor is a device used in applications requiring a high temperature between low pressure and high temperatures. Its mechanism is identical to that of a hermetically sealed water-cooled condensing unit but the hermetically sealed device is more compact. These devices are also known as the miniature hermetically sealed water cooler or mini water cooler systems. A semi Hermastic condenser can have one of the following designs:
Wall-mounted air-cooled condensers: These semi-hermetic compressors are mounted on walls. They are available in both self-contained and full-system units. Self-contained air-cooled compressors are meant for small offices and other such establishments. Full-system air-cooled compressors are large, industrial units used for powering industrial tools. They use the same principles of a water cooler but the principle here is reversed. Commercial air-cooled compressors also use the discharge air cooling principle.
Single-stage compressors: A single-stage hermatic compressor has only one working stage. The compressor uses the first stage as its refrigerant to preheat a series of coils. The second stage then heats the refrigerant to generate high temperatures. The third and final stage cools the refrigerant. This type of hermetic compressors is generally used in applications requiring low temperatures to function.
Evaporator compressors: These semi-hermetic compressors use the principles of evaporation to lower the chillers' operating temperatures. As refrigerants cool they become denser and warmer liquid refrigerants. The denser liquid refrigerants allow higher levels of vapor pressure. The thicker refrigerant layers result in a more stable refrigerant charge. The lower the density of the refrigerant layer, the lower the refrigeration systems' efficiency. And the lower the efficiency, the higher the cost.
Condenser compressors: Condenser commercial compressors are commonly used in refrigeration systems. This type of compressor uses a condenser coil that houses a chilled condenser. The refrigeration system utilizes the pressure that develops between the condenser coils to lower the chillers' temperatures. In addition to the pressure lowering capability, condenser commercial compressors are designed with better control over the speed at which the condenser coils rotate.