1. The greater the density of the water curtain, the more uniform the water distributed by the pump during operation, the more complete and cooler the air filtered by the air cooler.
2. The larger the air volume, the faster the ventilation times. The indoor hot air has not been generated and is driven out by the cool air of the air cooler.
3. The cooler the water temperature, the cooler the wind blowing from the cooler and the higher the cooling effect.

The air cooler adopts axial flow ventilation technology. When the axial flow fan is working, the impeller of the power machine drives the cooling fan to rotate in the cylindrical casing, and the gas enters from the collector, obtains energy through the impeller, advances the pressure and speed, and then discharges in the axial direction. The axial flow fan can be installed in three ways: vertical, horizontal and oblique. The diameter of the small impeller is only about 100 mm, and the large one can reach more than 20 meters. Axial-flow air coolers, large-scale low-pressure axial-flow air coolers are composed of impellers, casings and collectors, and are generally installed on the walls or ceilings of buildings; large-scale high-pressure axial-flow fans are composed of collectors, impellers, flow It is composed of a wire body, a casing, a dispersing cylinder and a transmission part. The blades are evenly placed on the hub, and the number is generally 2 to 24. The more blades, the higher the wind pressure; the blade equipment angle is generally 10° to 45°, the larger the equipment angle, the greater the air volume and wind pressure. Most of the main parts of the axial flow cooler are welded or riveted with steel plates.

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