When the refrigerator is in operation, a refrigeration cycle is used inside, and during this period, energy may enter and flow out, but the refrigerant does not consume. If it is not leaked, the refrigerator can guarantee the perfect cooling effect within the service life. Many people also said that the refrigerator used in the home has not been added with fluorine after purchase. And those who think that they just bought the refrigerator need to add fluoride, in fact, the refrigerator can be used immediately after purchase. However, if internal pipeline leakage occurs, it is not possible to directly add fluorine. Instead, the refrigerant should be added after the professional repairman repairs the damaged part.

The same is the refrigeration equipment Why does the refrigerator not need to add fluoride?

In addition, although everyone has been saying "fluorination" when the air conditioning refrigeration effect is not good, in fact, air conditioning does not necessarily need to add fluoride. Like the refrigerator, the refrigerant inside the air conditioner does not lose its refrigerant during the cold air circulation. So why do many people still add fluoride to air conditioners every year? This is also related to the quality of the air conditioner. If the airtight internal installation is sufficiently tight, it is possible to add fluorine to the service life. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a brand with a good reputation when purchasing.